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About Us

About Ed-Korn & Sons Contracting Inc.

Ed-Korn & Sons Contracting Inc., is proud to be, as the name suggests, a family owned and run company. We started in 2005, and through the economic highs and lows, have been able to provide a large part of southern Alberta with prompt service and quality workmanship in the construction industry. We have been involved in a wide variety of projects, from residential, to commercial, to agricultural;  from private, to corporate, to government projects; have done and continue to do insurance jobs. We have been in charge for everything, from running small renovation projects, to managing entire construction projects. What does all this mean for you? Quality at a great price!

All this experience has allowed us to gain a thorough knowledge of the industry as well as the products in the industry, something that can only come through experience. Not only does this allow us to put out the quality you deserve, but when deciding where on the price spectrum you want for your next project to be, we can help you make the choice that is right for you!

We are ideally situated in Bow Island, AB, allowing us to serve most of southern Alberta, as well as south-western Saskatchewan with our quality workmanship at competitive rates. All our projects are management supervised and we employ only experienced, proven crews.


Our Promise to You

Having been in the construction industry for more than 10 years, we have experienced, first hand, the nightmares and horror stories that can come from contractors. It can be hard to find a trustworthy contractor who will give you what you are looking for, and not just take your money and run. We, at Ed-Korn & Sons, are here to be the contractor you need and want. We make it a point to listen to our clients and treat them with respect, whilst sticking to our word. Trust your project to us, and you will not be disappointed!

Meet Our Team

Ed Kornelsen
Founder and President

Ed is the founder and has been overseeing the company since it started back in 2005. Ed finalizes all the big decisions and is still doing so, ensuring our clients are receiving the services and the products they deserve.

Rey Kornelsen
Crew Manager

It is important that our clients have a pleasant experience with Ed-Korn & Sons Contracting Inc. Rey is here to ensure our crews are informed, supplied, and managed, to make your project runs smoothly.

James Kornelsen

Every job we do begins with a FREE written price quote to ensure our clients are well informed about what is all included in the price. James makes sure our clients receive this and answers any questions that come up.


Michael Kornelsen
Inventory And Logistics

Ensuring that our crews have the material they need when they need, Michael manages the inventory and logistics within the company allowing us to be efficient and giving you the quality and service you deserve!

Why Choose Ed-Korn & Sons Contracting Inc.?

It has been said, "There are no traffic jams in the extra mile," and we have found this to be very true. We implement some basic guidelines and procedures that all our crews must meet and follow on the job. This ensures that you will receive the quality and the service you deserve. Among these guidelines are:

You Are In Charge Through The Entire Project
We are working for you after all. It is your money that is being invested into the project. You want something done a certain way, we'll be right on it. You change your mind, we will listen and do what you want done. This is your project, your money, and therefore, you are in charge through the entire project. Do you need advice or more information on the options you have? We will eagerly go over these with you; going over all the pros and cons and pricing of all your options. We are satisfied when you are.

No Money Down Up Front
You are trusting us with your project. We trust you with the payment. We do not need any money down up front. You can trust the job will be completed, like you want it, and you do not need fearing being scammed. This is all part of working towards your peace of mind; service you deserve.

Diligent Crews
All our crews are professional and experienced in the capacities in which they serve. We require for our crews to be diligent at work, increasing efficiency which saves you money, but also ensuring your project will take as little time as possible. We do not want to move in with you; we want to be the contractor who shows up, does the job well and efficiently, and then moves on. This allows you to resume to the convenience of your private life in the least amount of time.

No Music on Site
We love music. However, we do not allow for our crews to have open sound music on the job because we believe in respecting the neighbourhood with as much peace as is easily attainable. We also believe it is simply more professional. We also do not allow earbud music for safety and efficiency reasons.

Absolutely No Illicit Drugs Or Alcohol On Site - Even After Hours
Pretty simple. No drugs (besides prescription or Advil, Tylenol, etc.) and no alcohol on the job, not even after hours. Our crews will respect your property and our image by abstaining from all such activity while, either on your property, or under our supervision, or both. Failing to do so will result in immediate action being taken by management.

We give a six month warranty as a minimum on all we do. If you experience any sort of malfunction or quality flaws within the first six months after the project is completed, we will ensure the problem is solved. If you have any concerns or have a specialized project, we can easily arrange to have your warranty extended. We do this regularly, and do so because we want you to know that we are confident in our workmanship, and also so you can have peace of mind, knowing your money is well spent. If anything goes wrong, we will be back with a solution.