We get asked a lot, “Should I put underlay under my shingles?” Our answer is yes!

Climates vary all over the world and certain regions may require your whole roof to be papered. Here in southern Alberta where we do most of our roofing, code only requires it to the bottom 3 feet due to ice jamming and backup. Should water ever backup under your shingles, underlay is there to protect you. We paper most of the roofs we do - for the minimal extra cost you pay, you receive a lot of extra protection. If any of us were going to update our roofs, we would put it on.

Should a shingle ever blow off in a storm, you have underlay there to protect your home. We have witnessed first hand how underlay can protect a home and make it through a rain storm without a shingling job being complete. We always recommend underlay on the whole roof, but ultimately the customer has the responsibility of approving the minimal uncharge in doing so.

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