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Whether you are a home owner or a business owner, we understand the important decision making process you go through when looking for a roofing company. We are experts in installing, replacing and repairing a wide variety of roofing products, as well as siding, soffit, fascia, eavestorugh and downspout solutions. Every roof we install or repair comes with a minimum 6 month warranty. We are so confident with our craftsmanship, that is anything goes wrong within 6 months, we will return and fix the problem at no extra charge.


At Ed-Korn & Sons, we have been specializing in roof installation and repair since 2005. Our family run business treats every project we work on with respect.


At Ed-Korn & Sons we have vast experience in siding installation for residential and commercial projects. Let us give your property more appeal with new siding.


At Ed-Korn & Sons we are experts at installing a variety of soffit options that require little - no maintenance. Let us make your soffit functional and appealing!


At Ed-Korn & Sons we know that fascia not only creates a nice visual for your property, but it is critical to protect your roof from weathering and rotting.


Whether you own a residential or commercial property, a proper functioning eavestrough system is critical to ensure your building lasts as long as possible.


By channeling water away from the building, you are preventing many problems that could arise and ruin your property’s foundation.


Whether your building is new or just getting an upgrade, we are experts at installing a wide variety of roofing products.


If your building suffers from weather damage, get in touch with us so we can patch, seal or replace the damage that has been done.


If you suspect your building has damage and want it inspected by industry experts, contact us today!

Financing Available

Need your roof repaired now, but funds are tight? No problem. We have teamed up with a financing company that can get you under a new roof today!

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